St Lesmo’s Chapel

History and romance abound in the pretty Chapel of St Lesmo

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Built by Glen Tanar’s original founder, Sir William Cunliffe Brooks in 1872, the Chapel of St Lesmo is a popular choice for wedding ceremonies, just a short walk from Glen Tanar Ballroom.

Dedicated to St Lesmo, the holy hermit who lived in Glen Tanar around 790 AD, the chapel has a cast iron arched gateway known as a ‘yett’. It was built with a thatched roof and stained glass windows. The outside was finished in a mixture of large stones and small pebbles, a technique known as ‘cherry-cocking’.

Inside, the passage floor and alter steps are Glen Tanar granite. The ceiling rafters are fashioned from whole trees and twisted branches of locally grown Scotch Fir. A specially made bell hangs outside the Chapel and bears the inscription of ‘St Lesmo’. The chapel has been improved over the years, with slates replacing the thatched roof of the Chapel, and a new organ installed.

The Chapel is registered as an independent Episcopal Chapel and is managed by The Glen Tanar Charitable Trust.

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