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Estate Activities

Wander through purple-clad hills and towering ancient pines, breathe in the scent of pinecones and sap, hear the soft crunch of footstep on trail, and the gurgle of the Tanar, as you make for Mount Keen.

Here there is mile upon mile of untouched, open wilderness. Here there is quiet. Here there is room to roam free. By foot, by bike, or on horseback, this Highland estate is here to be explored. We offer fully accessible guided Estate Safaris for those wishing to enjoy Glen Tanar from the comfort of a Land Rover.

For a closer look at the spectacular wildlife that resides here, Wildlife Photography sessions provide a unique opportunity to capture images of the stunning species that call Glen Tanar their home.

Our Salmon Fishing Courses can teach you the art of fly fishing on the magnificent River Dee. Join one of our Wildlife Watch activities and see badgers, black grouse, or the spectacular sight of the red deer rutting season in October. You might even capture a golden eagle on film.

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