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Garden Workshops

How does your garden grow?

We offer a series of gardening workshops throughout the year in our historic walled garden. Held during summer evenings or over half days, the gardening workshops can be tailored to both beginner and experienced gardeners. Learn a range of new skills, from propagation to pruning, and cut flowers to herbaceous borders, and take new knowledge and ideas back to your own garden. Here is a list of workshops we are running this year.

Photography in the Garden

Sunday 20th August, 2 - 5pm
Whether you are a complete novice or a keen enthusiast, the aim of this course is to get you out of 'AUTO' mode and discover the full range of settings and capabilities of your camera. With guided activities and advice from a professional. £50 per person.

Plants for free: propagation techniques

Sunday 17th September, 2 - 5pm
Taking cuttings, divisions and other propagation techniques. Learn through hands-on practice how to take cuttings and divide plants to increase stocks of your favourite plants, or from friends’ gardens. £30 per person.

Pruning fruit trees and bushes

Sunday 22nd October, 2 - 5pm
How to prune apple, pear and other orchard trees, as well as soft fruit bushes. Learn how and when to prune your fruit to keep them healthy and producing well next year. £30 per person.

Rose pruning and training

Sunday 19th November, 2 - 5pm
How to prune all types of roses, to maintain shape, health and ensure flowering next year. Training and tying in climbing roses to keep them in control and maximise their display. £30 per person.

Christmas Decorations: from natural materials

Sunday 3rd December, 2 - 5pm
Join us in the ballroom to start your Christmas celebrations by creating wreaths, garlands and other ornaments to decorate your house, from materials gathered from gardens and other natural resources. £50 per person.

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