Wildlife Photography

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Wildlife Photography

Home to some of Scotland’s most renowned species from the Golden Eagle to the Red Squirrel, and with the combination of landscape and climate giving a unique quality of light, Glen Tanar is a wildlife photographer’s paradise.

To help visitors watch and photograph some of the species that can be found here, there are several hides at various locations throughout the estate. These are positioned to make the most of available light and surrounding views. Visitors should be prepared to spend several hours inside a hide.

The prevalence of individual bird species changes each year, and the chance of seeing them depends on breeding success and nest locations. During the months indicated, you are likely to see the following birds on a visit to Glen Tanar:

Black grouse 

  • April to mid May

The black grouse begins its courting dance, a ‘lek’, in early Spring, on the ground or in trees. The bird ruffles up its feathers and lies close to the ground, or runs around and jumps on other grouse, lowering its wings and fanning out its tail.

Price: £100 per person, per 0430-0830 am session


  • Mid June to mid July (depending on breeding success)

The characteristic hooked beak and talons of the Osprey are a sight to behold.

Price: £165 per person, per one-day session


  • Mid June to mid July (depending on breeding success)

The smallest falcon in the British Isles at just 18cm long, and a fearsome predator despite its small size.

Price: £180 per person, per one-day session.


  • Year round

The larger, more powerful falcon, at 26cm long. A majestic bird of prey, with slate blue upper plumage and a characteristic black 'moustache' that contrasts with its white face.

Price: £180 per person, per one-day session.

Hen harrier 

  • Late March to August

Distinctive bird of prey with a characteristic circling flight path, with its wings in a shallow 'V' shape.

Price: £200 per person, per one-day session

Golden Eagle 

*Photography not available during 2017, read more here*

Mid June to early July (depending on breeding success)

A true Scottish icon, the Golden Eagle is huge, powerful and graceful, and makes a very special wildlife spectacle. Glen Tanar boasts the only publicly available, photograph-able nest in the UK, offering wildlife watchers and photographers an unrivalled opportunity to get up close and personal with this fabulous bird of prey.

Price: £240 per person, per evening session.

All trips must be booked and paid for in advance via the Estate Office.

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