The Lookout

Look Out For Wildlife!

The Lookout

Our new wildlife hide nicknamed ‘The Look Out’ makes use of a traditional wooden cottage set on the edge of Glen Tanar’s towering Caledonian pine forest. From the comfort of The Look Out you can view pine martens, badgers … and you might just get a glimpse of a wildcat.

'Lookout' Sessions

Tuesday & Thursday Evenings

Wildlife Look Out sessions typically last 2-3 hours during the evening, depending on animal activity. You will meet a guide by arrangement in the evening to set the bait prior to the animals arrival. The Look Out is floodlit by spot lamps which the animals are comfortable with - so the views of the wildlife can be fantastic even once the sun sets. You are welcome to take as many photographs on your smartphones as you like. The Look Out can be booked through the Glen Tanar Office. It is open most Tuesday or Thursday evenings, or by arrangement throughout the year. Join us for an amazing evening watching wildlife in the Cairngorm National Park.

Children must be age 8 or over.

Adults (15+) Minimum Group Size (3) - Maximum Group Size (6)

Price £30 per adult and £15 per child.

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