Grouse Shooting

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Walked up grouse shooting destination

The heather-clad moors of Glen Tanar provide a good habitat for red grouse. The grouse-shooting season, from mid-August to mid-September, comprises walked-up grouse days and pointer days, as well as driven grouse days when numbers allow.

Walked-up grouse shooting is for parties of four to six guns and involves flushing grouse in front of a walking line of guns. Our experienced team will maintain safe practice, retrieve the birds, and take care of all the logistics. A normal yield is 20-30 brace per day, but we can tailor the bag limit and the distance covered to suit your party. We specialise in relaxed, informal experiences with good shooting in superb countryside.

Our pointer days are relaxed and sociable. We provide quality pointer dogs to find the grouse while you enjoy the company of your party and the views across Royal Deeside. These days work best with two to five guns, with a normal yield of 10-20 brace, but again the bag limit can be tailored to suit your budget.

The combination of breathtaking landscapes and expert gamekeepers here at Glen Tanar makes for a rewarding and memorable experience of Scottish Country Sports.

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