Wildlife Lookout

11th July 2019

Pine Marten 2
Photo Credit - Andy Hayes

With the sudden arrival of both pine marten kits and badger cubs, we have decided to open our new 'Wildlife Lookout' for business. We are initially offering photographers exclusive access to the Lookout, where they can capture beautiful photos of pine martens and badgers from a distance of 5-10m away. We have a limited number of sessions available left to book from the 23rd - 26th July and 29th July - 2nd August. A typical session in the Lookout might last from 8pm to midnight but we adjust start times based on animal behaviour and changing daylength, however photographers can stay longer if they are photographing all species. Pine martens will be photographable on a natural log which is raised about 1m off the ground. Badgers will be photographable on short grass just beneath. The scene is floodlit by three spot lamps attached to the Lookout's exterior, however depending on what time the martens wander in they can still be photographed in natural light.

Pine Marten 4
Photo Credit - Andy Hayes

We have received several bookings already for our new Wildlife Lookout. One of our first bookings was Andy Hayes – a regular to Glen Tanar wildlife hides. When we asked Andy what he likes about Glen Tanar wildlife hides he said “I have been going to Glen Tanar for wildlife hides for several years and enjoy the well-organized, yet very personal experiences.” Andy thoroughly enjoyed his time in our new Wildlife Lookout telling us that “Anyone contemplating this opportunity I’d say, take it, low light photography can be challenging but you’ll enjoy the experience and could be lucky and take some great shots."

Photo Credit - Andy Hayes

If you would like to be among the first to know about future wildlife photography opportunities at Glen Tanar, sign up for our Newsletter below and register your interest in Wildlife Photography. If you are interested in booking a session in the Wildlife Lookout – or would like some more information - send an email to info@glentanar.co.uk or call us on 013398 86451

Price £80 for pine martens, £80 for badgers or £150 for all species.