Runaway Romance at Glen Tanar

3rd October 2017

Earlier this year we welcomed a range of uniquely talented wedding suppliers to the Estate to take part in a collaborative wedding photo shoot styled by Toria, founder of Arrow & Twine wedding stylists, whose vision was to embrace the Scottish elements and style a runaway wedding.

The day involved using a range of backdrops and landscapes to compliment each wedding supplier's product and we are sure you'll agree - the images captured by Lindsay Robertson Photography are simply breathtaking. So what did the day involve? We asked Toria from Arrow & Twine how her concept came about, and photographer Lindsay what makes Glen Tanar an ideal location.

Glen Tanar Styled Shoot 4

Toria said: "One of the reasons that Scotland is such an incredible place to get married, is that couples have the freedom to say their vows anywhere: in an abandoned bothy; atop a mountain; beside an awe-inspiring waterfall. With the Tweed and Tulle collaborative shoot, we wanted to capture that freedom, and Glen Tanar fitted perfectly with this concept. Not only does the estate have the traditional hunting lodge, but there is a lesser-known chapel, and, most importantly, there are acres of land, with hills, a loch, and woodlands all included. Where else could have been more perfect?

Glen Tanar Styled Shoot 24

The styling of the shoot was centred around the idea that romance can be both strong and beautiful. This led to our bride wearing tulle (a softer, more feminine material), whilst pairing this with the rougher, more textured tweed coat. Her hair style was influenced by the tribal trend that is coming through for 2018 - with huge overtones of Vikings / Game of Thrones - and yet we chose intricate, delicate hairpieces to accompany this look.

Glen Tanar Styled Shoot 90

For the styling of the tablescape, we used natural materials such as linen, reclaimed wood, antlers, and clay. This was to complement the surroundings and to emphasise the lack of tradition or formality that comes from marrying outdoors in the elements.

Glen Tanar Styled Shoot 61

As a final detail, the stationery was designed to include the coordinates of the estate and the invitation to 'run away with us', as if the most important thing for the couple was to say their vows against the beauty of the Scottish landscape. And the idea of the runaway couple is so apparent in the shots of them in the row boat, and in the hills."

Glen Tanar Styled Shoot 111

The photoshoot involved using a range of backdrops to show off the Scottish landscape at its best. Photographer Lindsay Robertson explains how she used the landscape to compliment each supplier's product:

Lindsay said: "In the early stages of the Tweed & Tulle Collaborative Shoot concept, discussions turned to location.  For me Royal Deeside was a natural choice, I wanted awe inspiring landscapes, heather clad hills, dense forest in hidden glens and vast natural lochans, which in a nutshell sums up the magical Scottish landscape.

Glen Tanar Styled Shoot 82

Glen Tanar, as a location, has this in abundance and much much more.  From the quaint and historic chapel set amongst rolling fields, to the towering caledonian pine forest and the boat house set on the edge of the natural lochan.  As a working Scottish Sporting Estate, the hill roads for me lead to the magical locations that other wedding venues could never offer. 

For the couple who choose to elope or the true adventurers in life, who want to get off the beaten track, Glen Tanar is the perfect choice.  Venturing up onto the heather clad hills with the spectacular Cairngorm mountains as a backdrop, the ruset tones in the spring heather and rolling clouds just added to the dramatic backdrop Glen Tanar offered.

Glen Tanar Styled Shoot 43

Capturing wedding inspiration for Glen Tanar, as it had never been seen before, was about embracing everything Royal Deeside and the Cairngorms have to offer.   With rivers at record lows we ventured onto stone fords, a perspective of Glen Tanar that may never be seen again.  And that is exactly one of the things to adore about this magical location, from one day to the next the landscape is in constant change and your wedding day and images truly unique. 

Glen Tanar Styled Shoot 52

My advice to everyone is embrace adventure, embrace the seasons, the weather, the ability to roam free and create your own magical wedding story at Glen Tanar."

Runaway romance at Glen Tanar
Runaway romance at Glen Tanar
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Glen Tanar Styled Shoot 69
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Glen Tanar Styled Shoot 60
Glen Tanar Styled Shoot 113
Glen Tanar Styled Shoot 96


Photography: Lindsay Robertson Photography
Concept, Styling and Props: Arrow & Twine
Venue: Glen Tanar Estate
Stationery: Paper Skeleton
Hair styling: Gemma Taylor Hair
Make-Up: Tiffany Dawson Make-Up Artistry
Flowers: Isla Duncan Florist
Dresses: The Bridal Boutique
Models: Hannah Blakey & Kyle Ross Barclay
Hair Accessories: Annaliese Rivers
Grooms Suit: Gibbs Menswear 

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