Sustainable Glen Tanar

Investing in a sustainable future

Now more than ever sustainability is a growing concern for businesses around the world. At Glen Tanar we are constantly striving to ensure that we are as sustainable as possible. Whether that be by investing in new sustainable technologies or by using sustainable cleaning products in all our holiday cottages. All our decisions are rooted in our estate mission and our family values, to create a sustainable estate for people to enjoy the best of natural Scotland for generations to come.

‘Heads’ of Sustainability

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. As a 4th generation family-owned business, Glen Tanar is led with a sense of purpose and pride, by Michael and Claire Bruce. Together under their leadership we all strive to create and maintain a sustainable estate by managing the land and protecting our home.

Bruce Family
Bruce Family

Sustainable Energy

We have a state-of-the-art Biomass system on the estate that provides hot water and heating to our tenants and holiday cottage residents. This system is fuelled by wood chips which have been sustainably sourced from the estate. With 9,800 acres of commercial and conservation forestry, the estate produces up to 10,000 tonnes of timber each year. Some is used in construction, and for biomass, both on the estate and to power a local whisky distillery.

Glen Tanar's suistainable biomass technology

Sustainable Forest & Land Management

By managing the land through a mix of traditional and modern techniques we can protect biodiversity. Our 25,000 acre estate sits inside the Cairngorms National Park, housing the 3rd largest native Caledonia pinewood in Scotland on the Glen Tanar National Nature Reserve.

Visitors to Glen Tanar can explore these native pinewoods by foot, on horse or mountain bike and should keep their eyes peeled for rare, protected species such as red squirrels, Scottish crossbills, capercaillie, ospreys and golden eagles.

In 2019 our long-term forestry plan was approved by Scottish Forestry. In that plan over the next 30 years we aim to expand the forest on Glen Tanar by over 2,500 acres using natural regeneration, totalling 2.2 MILLION trees. Trees which will lock away carbon, increase natural woodland cover to protect the estate's biodiversity, reduce flooding and improve our environment.

Forestry 3
Glen Tanar forestry operations

Doing our ‘Part Per Million’

By reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in our environment we can all do our part to reduce the impact of climate change. At Glen Tanar we cater for electric bikes and vehicles. Our newest luxury holiday cottage, the Tower O’Ess which has a charging point for both.

We encourage our visitors to engage in sustainable tourism. With the ability to walk and cycle miles of trails and eat locally our guests can have an authentic Scottish and sustainable holiday.

Electric vehicle charger at the Tower O'Ess

Protecting Our Wildlife

Wildlife is at the heart of Glen Tanar and plays a big part in our estates sustainability. From deer to bees we recognize that each animal has a vital role to play in a balanced ecosystem. Our estate is home to various protected animals such as red squirrels, Scottish crossbills, hares, capercaillie, ospreys and golden eagles. By raising awareness of their presence through activities and projects like our wildlife hide 'The Lookout', wildlife photography sessions and sales of Glen Tanar heather honey, we can help protect our estate's biodiversity.

Glen Tanar heather honey