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A tale of enduring design

Glen Tanar Tweed Tie

The Glen Tanar tweed uses a soft palette of greys, muted browns and blues. It is at once contemporary and traditional, as well suited to a chic tote bag as to the figure of a tweed-clad ghillie.

Designed to be both stylish and practical, camouflaging the estate workers as they roam the glen, it was created in 2015 by up-and-coming tweed designer, Araminta Campbell. In seeking inspiration for the tweed, Araminta spent time in Glen Tanar, getting a feel for the landscape, a sense of the people and the place.

Even so, she couldn’t have known how close her final design would be to the estate’s original 1940s tweed, which was unearthed some months after she was commissioned to design the new one. The resemblance was uncanny. Call it sensitivity to a place, attention to detail, or maybe her unbridled passion for history and heritage. Perhaps Araminta’s own Deeside routes had some unconscious part to play in this strange coincidence. Whatever the explanation, history is surely repeating itself here in Glen Tanar with the creation of this beautiful new tweed. Our ghillies and gamekeepers of today bear a surprising likeness to those of yesteryear – the Glen Tanar tweed endures.

A range of items in the Gen Tanar tweed, from handbags to iPad cases are available to buy by contacting us.

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