Glen Tanar
Red Kite

Wildlife Photography 2015 Options

Glen Tanar is a marvellous area for wildlife of all kinds, and this year we're introducing more new ways of helping visitors watch some of animals and birds that we have here.

Hen Harriers

Hen Harrier

A Fantastic opportunity to photograph one of Scotland's rarest birds of prey using a mobile hide overlooking supplementary feeding sites. The harriers are attracted to stones or natural perches in front of the hide with bait which also reduces predation on red grouse and helps solve a management conflict. Feeding, flight & posing shots should be possible.

You will be met and guided to the hide which will include an uphill walk through heather. Photographers should be prepared to spend at least 4 hours in the hide.

Available: early June to early July (depends on breeding success)

Price: 1 day: £200 per person.

Black Grouse (lekking at dawn)

Black Grouse on the lek

The lek (display area) is on short grass which ensures unobstructed views of the grouse. A temporary hide will be set on the edge of the lek with lots of opportunities for displaying, fighting and close-up shots.

Typical session will run from 0430am to 0900am. Guests will be met by guide and taken to hide which includes a 10 minute walk uphill over rough ground.

Available: To run from April 7th to May 16th

Price: 100 per person, per session.

Golden Eagles

Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle is a Scottish icon and makes a very special wildlife spectacle. At Glen Tanar we have the only publicly available photograph-able nest in the UK. This opportunity is strictly managed to prevent disturbance to the birds.

We are offering you the unique opportunity to get shots of these stunning birds in their nest whilst feeding their young. This is an evening activity and photographers should prepare to spend a minimum of 4 hours in the hide accompanied by a member of Glen Tanar staff for license requirements.

Available: mid June to early July. (depends on breeding success)

Price: 1 day: £290 per person.

Camera Deer Stalking

Red deer stag

Head out on to the hills with our experienced deer stalkers to view the latter stages of the red deer rut and “shoot” them with your camera. This is a fantastic way of getting great shots of these magnificent animals in their natural habitat.

This will be an all-day activity and involve crawling through heather and peat so appropriate clothing will be required to stay dry & warm.

Available: 21st - 24th October 2014.

Price: £150 per person.



A unique opportunity to photograph one of Scotland's most charismatic raptors using a hide 80 meters from the nest and level with the nest cup. The hide is north facing so the nest should be back lit and there is a spectacular background. Feeding and flight shots are possible.

Photographers should be prepared to spend a minimum of 5 hours in the hide.

Available: mid June - mid July (depends on breeding success)
Price: 1 day: £150 per person

All trips must be booked via the Estate Office and paid for in advance. For more information contact 013398 86451 or

Our sincere thanks to David & Mike Callan, Mark Hamblin, John Blair, and Stephen Farquhar for the use of their excellent photographs, on which they retain copyright.